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Keep your split-cycle air-conditioning unit running at its best, you need to commit to a regular cleaning schedule. Not only will it pay off in reduced power consumption, regular maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs in the future


Carpet Patching is used to repair small areas of carpet that are burned, stained or similarly damaged. The damaged piece of carpet is cut out and a good piece of matching carpet is hot-glued into its place

Would it come as a shock to you to find out that most mattresses are filthy and covered with all kinds of contamination such as dust mites, flakes of decaying skin, viruses, fungi, dust mite excrement… the list goes on.

Step 1 Thoroughly dry vacuum the Mattress to remove dirt, sand, grit, hair, dead skin particles, Dust Mites and their faeces. Powered Beta head power brush vacuum cleaners remove the dry soil matter and any Allergens that resides in the Mattress bedding material.

Step 2 Pre-spray the Mattress to kill Dust Mites and pre-treat Stains by agitating with Upholstery Bonnet Glove or brush and allow extra dwell tim e to enable biodegradable soil retardant Mattress Cleaning agents to loosen or remove Spots and Stains.

Step 3 The Steam Cleaning machine vacuums up any remaining dirt, sand, grit, hair, dead skin particles, dust mites and their faeces, as well as removing pre-spray, dust, fluff, body oils and dirty water and sanitise with ozone machine.